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Twin Flames ~ The Ultimate Relationship

Twin Flames

We have many soul mates in life but only one twin flame. There is only one that was created with you when time began.  There's only one with the same blueprint, one with the same identity patterns, and with the same spark of life as you. Your twin flame is the highest path of initiation on the physical plane that you will experience.  It is the pure love of all humanity.  It is the marriage to the soul to god; God is perfect love. 

We are all co- creators with God, just a little lower than the angels.  In the beginning, when God was shaking, rattling, rolling.  When all that creating was going on in the universe, There was one big sacred pause in the universe of time and space.  God said let there be light and there was. (Genesis 1:3).  You were a flame and apart of that divine light. We all know the story of how God divided everything into two: night and day, sun and moon, male and female, birth and death, young, old,and the list goes on.  At that time in creation, twin flames were also divided into two halves, masculine and feminine.  Each, an aspect of the same singular energy sent to one part of the universe for it's individual necessary expression, and the other individual spirit energy sent to another part of the universe for it's necessary individual expression.  This parallel of the nature of twin flames duality has always been a part of existence.

Every human being possesses a twin flame. 

Although you were separate at the beginning of time to have your necessary individual experiences on the physical plane or other manifestation, you never lost contact with each other.  The contact is continuous. The flowing in and out of energy and information is happing even now as you read these words.  It can never be interrupted.  It can never be tampered with.  The communication and contact continues unabated on inner levels.  The bond can never be broken.

On higher levels, it is the balancing of alpha and omega energies.  It is the father

and mother, the yin and yang, and the spiral eight figure.  If you look closely at the point in the middle of the figure eight where the connecting circle meet, and the energy begins to move upward and downward, this is where the casual body lies.  This is where you are held encased together in the mind of God.  The casual body is protected with the illuminating light of purity between God and man.  The energy of twin flames cannot be altered, adulterated, or touched by man's thoughts, words or deeds.  The casual body is encapsulated in the mind of God, like the peanut inside of the M&M candy; you cannot see the peanut but you know it's there.

The law of creation is one of division and reunion.  Somewhere in the memory of each twin flame soul there is longing to be reunited.  At a point they will become androgynous once again.  It is said that we all must incarnate on the physical plane with seven masculine embodiments and seven feminine embodiments, with each lasting about seven thousand years.  After a period of 14,000 years give or take a few thousand years, we can be reunited.

After a much evolving, we are giving the opportunity to balance 100% of our karma in order to make our ascension to higher octaves. By reason of God's grace and mercy during this special dispensation of the 21st century, we now only have a balance 51% of our karma.  Also, because of the seriousness of our planet , we were also given the special dispensation of the violet flame. The violet flame is also known as the mercy flame.

Twin flames are also given this special dispensation to come together again in large numbers at this time in history.  There work together is to help save the planet.  The new millennium holds great blessing and great challenges for those who seek truth. 

Relationships and marriages are falling apart at an alarming rate and short-term marriage contacts provide us with long-term pain.  Children are inevitably left in the gap with drugs, lack of training, little respect for elders, and nasty music to distort their fertile minds.  Commitment means ...until I'm ready to stop loving you...which comes way to soon.  We lack honesty of thought in marriage and relationship.  Sex is at an all time high.  Trust and respect is at an all time low.  Men and women lack understanding of their roles inrelationships.  Husbands, wives, and significant others do not seek times in common prayer, meditation,and ritual together.  We are religious but lack true spirituality.

But how ever positive or negative your relationships are, all of your experiences go back to your twin flame.  Every experience you'll ever have is preparing you for your twin flame.   On your road home to be recognized with your beloved, there is bound to be pain and suffering as the little ego dies.  But these are necessary paths to fulfillment and higher consciousness.  We must remember to continue to love in the face of challenge and adversity.  We must begin to recognize our relationships are a part of the spiritual path, the path that leads us back to our true nature or God-self. 

We must begin to call to our twin flames and use the violet flame to help release fear blockages in the seven chakra (s).  We must let go of resentment in ourselves and all other parts of life.  Remember, there are no failures on the spiritual path, only karmic lessons and life experience learned.  The greatest amount of light that is being released on the physical plane at this time in history is that which is most greatly being opposed.  That is our love for one another.  Always remember, the greatest act of love and kindness is humility.  Be humble to all and you will succeed your greatest wishes and desires.

Relationships are necessary to our spiritual growth.  Love gives us a chance to balance our heart, body and soul.  The true opportunity is to learn to love ourselves.  I believe every action is meant to move us all forward with love and union with our twin flame.  It is a true fact that man and woman come together to reveal one another to each other. 

Loving relationships occur when we learn to love ourselves and the other person unconditionally.  Our greatest cosmic reward on earth and in heaven is to receive our twin flames.  We must call to our twin flame and use the violet flame to release the fear blockages and unforgivingness of self.  Have faith as all prayers are answered in time and space.